“I love colors, all of them. They are, in their multitude, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and wonder. Because each color exists only in relation to another and because they change constantly with the light, the combinations are endless. Colors narrate the richness of our universe. However, our indoor environments do not vibrate in the manner of a forest, of a field of flowers, of a composition by Richter, or of a poem by Rimbaud. For this reason, the reintroduction of color into our lives, especially in the workplace, means bringing back the possibility of variety, relaxation, the appropriation of spaces, and a sense of uniqueness and well-being. In short, color is more fun.” 

Jean Nouvel

With the recent addition of a carefully elaborated color selection and new components and structural details, Jean Nouvel presents a vision of the contemporary office space that is even more joyful and fun to be in, a space in which the furnishing elements and chromatic combinations can be freely arranged to suit the user. The worktop of the tables and desks of this line of task furnishings features an exclusive insert in Forbo linoleum, flush with the surface and in the same color as the aluminum frame, for a sleek, monochrome effect. Each workstation is completed by drawer pedestals and filing cabinets, available in a range of eight colors, so that any office environment can be personalized with an additional touch of refined design elegance.


  • Tables and cabinets
  • Accessories - Monitor support arm




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The elementarity I seek has nothing to do with minimalism. Even when it goes in for a bare minimum of material, design is no less creative"

Jean Nouvel