Workstations Bookcases and Storages Seatings


Gensler Product Design Consultant



The system features elegant, height-adjustable workstations, cabinets, sofas and storage units. The series is designed to provide upper-level staff and professionals with workspaces defined by high-end quality standards, for large open space areas, informal meetings and private offices.

Characterized by the use of selected materials, refined structural details, and a carefully studied combinations of finishes and colors, these workstations offer advanced functional solutions together with rigorously designed forms and restrained and elegant appearance, in which technology is ever present but never intrusive.
The components of the system permit a number of linear and facing configurations in and are available in a wide range of sizes.
The loadbearing structure of the workstations, in wood, consists of a central element with incorporated cable raceway which is easily accessible and also contains the devices that control the height adjustment of the work surface. This mechanism can be located at either the side or the back of the desk. The central element is connected to the lateral panels covered in technical fabric and is closed off at the top with a cover with the same characteristics as the table. Enhanced by extra-thick straight edges and an exclusive finish in streaked black walnut, the desktop is supported by a metal understructure connected to the electrical height- adjustment mechanism that allows the user to adjust the sit/stand height from 65 to 125 cm. The facing workstations are separated by sound-insulating divider panels with metal structure and technical fabric cover. Each desk is equipped with a drawer pedestal.
In painted wood with front panels in black walnut. The series is completed by a cabinet, in natural wood with technical fabric finish and a two-seater sofa. Conceived for large open spaces and informal meetings, these two pieces of furniture can be easily positioned in the center of the spaces. The back of the sofa can in fact be equipped with a bookcases with adjustable shelves that can be closed or exposed.


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