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Pierluigi Cerri

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The Naòs system has expanded and evolved over time, gaining new pieces such as the bookcase. The Naòs bookcase is comprised of a wall panel with continuous shelving and a natural wood finish, a base and a series of horizontal and vertical end pieces, with a desk also able to be integrated into the system. The NP model features a bookcase with rear panel – either free-standing or wall-mounted – with shelves in polished ex-truded aluminium or natural wood compartments. The NA and NB versions have no rear panel, with NA’s sleek design emphasis by fact that the structure is hidden in the wall. NB – available in single- or double-sided versions - brings a lightweight aesthetic presence thanks to its modular structure, which features shelves and vertical dividers in polished aluminium.


  • Structure
BA Polished aluminium

AS Sycamore

PE Pearwood

NO National walnut


"Every meaningful design form must be built with the technical and expressive means that are most suited to its purpose, requirements, and objectives."

Pierluigi Cerri


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