LessLess Color

Jean Nouvel

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The LessLess Color series is the product of extensive research into colour pairings aimed at coming up with a selection of eight perfect colours for office spaces, coupled with the development of new pieces and construction techniques. The tables themselves feature an exclusive worktop with integrated Forbo linoleum insert in the same colour as the aluminium structure. Available in different sizes (rectangular and square versions available), the modular LessLess Color tables can easily be grouped together to create elegant, large meeting tables incorporating different colours, for a personalised, distinctive environment.


  • Tables and cabinets
  • Accessories - Monitor support arm
Forbo Salsa 4164

Forbo Linoleum Charcoal 4166

Forbo Mushroom 4176

Forbo Linoleum Pebble 4175

Forbo Ash

Forbo Linoleum Mauve 4172

Forbo Linoleum Conifer 4174

Forbo Linoleum Black 4023

Liquid Mushroom

3T Pebble

Salsa 4164

Charcoal dark grey painting

FX Conifer 4174

Liquid coating

T0 Ash medium grey

liquid coating

Epoxy powder coating


"The elementariness that I seek has nothing to do with pure minimalism. Even when design strives to minimise the material aspect, the design is no less creative."

Jean Nouvel


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