Designed to furnish the offices of the Cartier Foundation in Paris, the distinguishing features of Jean Nouvel’s designs are fully evident in the Less series, which encompasses the stylistic elements characteristic of his work:  the structural simplicity, the originality of materials, the color combinations, the use of technology, always there but never intrusive.

 Born from architecture for architecture, Less defines a new concept of the office, characterized by formal lightness, high technical performance and high environmental quality. A functional space where technology is not intrusive. A modular system made up of simple, linear elements. Sturdy materials and forms pared down to the bare essential. Simple shapes that create modern office space.  Desks, complementary units for office equipment, drawer  pedestals and revolving cabinet columns. Simple, flexible and functional office furniture. Created for a rational and comfortable environment, meticulously designed down to the smallest detail. Workstations with built-in extensions, double-depth filing cabinets, accessible from two sides, computer carts, containers on wheels fitted out to contain everything you need.... Sophisticated units to organize daily working space efficiently and discreetly.


IF Industrie Forum Design Hanover

Top Ten of the Year
International Interior Design Association

Apex Award, New York
Selected at the 17th edition of ADI Gold Compass

Selezionato alla 17a edizione del Compasso d’Oro ADI, 1994

IF Industrie Forum Design Hanover

Best of Category (Chariot Informatique)
Report of honor to the 18th edition of ADI Gold Compass Award

(Chariot Informatique)

The elementarity I seek has nothing to do with minimalism. Even when it goes in for a bare minimum of material, design is no less creative"

Jean Nouvel