Collaborative & Meeting tables

Element 03




Large modular table for meeting rooms, conferences, flexible public spaces, designed to facilitate collaboration between people and the sharing of resources.

It consists of three basic components, the legs, a central module with bridge structure and a final cantilevered element, which can be combined to create a single table of any length. 
The geometry of the construction allows the end sections to project 120 cm on both sides, while maintaining their stability and rigidity. The shaped legs are tapered from a wider section at the underside of the support surface to a thin line towards the floor.

The structure is entirely made of painted aluminium. The worktop, covered with extra clear satin glass back painted or in wood, is equipped with a series of functional features directly accessible through the central cable duct where there are HDMI data connection sockets for high quality video, USB connection sockets, access doors to electrical sockets, contact points with wireless charging for smartphones and tablets. The cables for the power supply of the technology channel are routed through the leg.


  • Worktop
  • Structure




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