David Chipperfield

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The DCA partitioning system is characterised by high acoustic performance, combined with a sleek and elegant design. Flexible and customisable, this system allows the configuration of environments with high visual permeability, adapting to every project requirements.

DCA Partition System was created for the headquarters of cosmetics giant Amore Pacific, designed in Seoul by David Chipperfield, and then entered in UniFor collection as a standard project; DCA consists of a self-supporting structure in aluminium profiles, transparent panels in safety glass, swing doors or internal sliding double-glazed doors. The base profiles are concealed in the raised floor, giving the glass wall a very light feel. Depending on the level of acoustic insulation required by the project, the wall can be configured in single-glazed or double-glazed versions with an insulating cavity. The concealed joint, the only point of union between the glazed panels, gives continuity to the wall without any discontinuity.


“The difference between good and bad architecture is the time you spend on it.” 

David Chipperfield