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Ca' Brütta 1921. Giovanni Muzio Opera Prima


15 April - 10 July 2016


Castello Sforzesco, Milan Sala del Tesoro - Sala Viscontea

Castello Sforzesco in Milan is hosting an exhibition conceived and produced by Giovanni Tomaso Muzio, director of the Muzio Archives, and Giovanna Calvenzi, on the occasion of the first restoration of the building for conservation purposes.

Now restored to its original appearance, the building tells an eclectic story of intertwining areas of expertise, opening a window onto society and raising questions on the nature of community in an expanding city. 
Founder of the “Architectural – Urbanistic Movement of Renewal in Lombardy”, Giovanni Muzio designed more than 50 buildings in Milan over the course of the 20th century, leaving a deep mark on the city and bringing a new vision to its fabric. From the Bramante courtyards of the Catholic University to the Palazzo della Triennale, all of his works reflect the principle to which Muzio remained faithful throughout his life: 
“There is no architecture without town-planning.”
The exhibition also features a presentation in the form of a large photographic album, the results of a new project that engaged 29 photographers, including Gianni Berengo Gardin, Giovanni Gastel and Francesco Radino, in investigating and reinterpreting Ca' Muzio through photographic images. 

UniFor is a supporter of the project in the role of technical sponsor.

Photo exhibition Gianni Nigro

Published: October 04, 2016