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A new showroom for UniFor in Milano by Herzog & de Meuron





UniFor confirms and renews its commitment to architecture and design with the opening of a new site in Milano, Viale Pasubio.

A showroom, a window, a knowledge lab, brought to life by Herzog & de Meuron, inside one of the most significant architectural works designed by the firm for the city: Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli.​

​UniFor new Milano showroom is an environment representing the brand consolidated know-how in highly complex custom design, tangible in the tailor-made interior architecture build for the purpose.

The space is defined by a robust yet simple flexibility. It has no separate rooms but is rather organised in different zones; It can be reconfigured into a collection of smaller showrooms, an event space, an area for more intimate private meetings or larger public gatherings.
The interior project reflects the same principles of regularity and continuity of the architectural building for Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, simply on a smaller scale. Thus, the architecture and interiors speak a common language. Repetitions, primary yet surprising geometries also permeate the showroom, characterised by three-dimensional boiseries that delimits the perimeter of the interior.

The new showroom is place conveying the very essence of UniFor. An open space in dialogue with the city, where professionals of all fields can meet and interact.

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Published: December 06, 2022