Michele De Lucchi

"Design is not just making beautiful buildings and objects, but investigating mankind's needs and ambitions"

Michele De Lucchi


Michele De Lucchi (1951) was born in Ferrara, Italy. After graduating in architecture in Florence, over the course of the 1980s he consolidated his working relationship with Olivetti, having begun in 1979 thanks to Ettore Sottsass, who had entrusted him with the design of the office furnishing systems for the Synthesis division. In the same period, he began designing lamps and furnishing elements for the most prominent Italian and European companies. Making use of a design approach—global and transversal—that treats architecture as an integrated system, he lends his skills to product design, furnishings and graphics. Production of Tolomeo, his table lamp for Artemide, began in 1987, resulting in his first Compasso d’Oro ADI award. He won a second Compasso d’Oro for his Artjet 10 printer for Olivetti. In recent years he has developed numerous architectural projects for public and private clients and has curated many important exhibitions. He designs objects and small furnishings under the name Produzione Privata, collaborating with various artisans for their manufacture.


Events | 2014.02.02

CASABELLA Laboratorio

Inaugurated in Milan in 2010, Casabella Laoratorio is a space for exhibitions, conferences, encounters and debates, promoted and organized by Casabella, the prestigious international magazine of architecture.

New Products | 2015.04.10


"Hatch by UniFor is a wall that does everything a wall should do. It separates and divides, and like good hatching, it is transparent, so that you can see what it is behind it, just as you can see the paper behind hatching.
In the wall version, Hatch is the door that supports the wall. A wall makes sense if you can go to the other side of it. In the office version, Hatch acts as a desk and a sofa. In the old days, desks had chairs in front of them for visitors, and the owner of the desk might sit behind the desk and make pronouncements. Today it is more polite and convivial to sit on a sofa and converse. With Hatch, there is a sofa in front of the desk."

Michele De Lucchi

Events | 2018.12.05

L'Anello Mancante

UniFor renews its interest in the world of architecture, art and industrial design with the exhibition Nature, L'Anello Mancante, open to the public at the Maxxi Museum in Rome until February 3, 2019.

New Products | 2015.04.10


The desk is a very special place. Public and intimate at the same time, it is a personal space. It is the territory where you set out your work tools, a few mementos and other favorite objects, the books and documents you need, and perhaps a few things you don't yet need, but you never know.

Events | 2011.09.21

Superurbano. Rigenerazione Urbana Sostenibile

The “Barbara Cappochin” International Architecture Biennial centers mainly on two events: The International Prize, and the Exhibition at Palazzo della Ragione. The fifth edition was titled “Superurbano, Rigenerazione Urbana Sostenibile” (SuperUrban, Sustainable Urban Regeneration).