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Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center




Athens, Greece


Renzo Piano Building Workshop - Studio Betaplan

interior design

Renzo Piano Building Workshop - Studio Betaplan


RP - MDL System - Naòs - Misura - Neutra

The Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center is located in Kallithea, the historic Athenian seaport district on Faliro Bay. The site is formed by a vast park on an artificial hill.
Its sloping surface culminates at the top in the cultural center building, containing both the opera house and the national library. A public space, known as the Agora, provides access and connections between the two wings of the building. With its spectacular 360-degree views, the new complex re-establishes the district’s relationship with the sea and with the rest of the city. Its design was conceived using the most advanced anti-seismic technologies and innovative solutions in terms of environmental sustainability that have resulted in a LEED Platinum rating. At the summit of the hill is a panoramic terrace that forms the roof of the building. The concrete canopy roof over the terrace is topped by photovoltaic panels that supply most of the power needs of the entire complex.
Lightness of form and functionality also characterize the interior architecture, where the offices, task areas, and meeting rooms are brilliantly solved by partition systems and furnishings aimed at simplification and comfort.

Series products
Parete RP
Full-height partition wall system with aluminum frames painted pale gray, wood and glazed paneling, sliding and swing doors.

Sliding glass door system with three or six leaves that overlap vertically.

MDL System
Conference tables, desks and workstations.

Wall-mounted bookcases in aluminum, painted bright green.

Open-space workstations separated by P4 panel.

Storage and filing cabinets in three
heights, drawer pedestals, and personalized furnishings.

Work environments
Open-space workstations: 178
Executive offices: 139
Conference rooms: 13
Filing and storage area: 267 cabinets in three heights

Parete RP:
1,870 sq m glazed panels
450 sq m solid panels
Doors: 68 sliding; 12 swing
Sincro: 12 sliding doors with three leaves 3 sliding doors with six leaves