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Musée Quai Branly. Paris




Paris, France


Jean Nouvel

interior design

Jean Nouvel


- Naòs System - Mood - Neutra

Home to an extraordinary collection devoted to the arts and civilizations of Africa, Asia, Oceania the Americas, the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris extends like a footbridge into the surrounding greenery, in a series of low buildings immersed in an ever-changing wooded landscape. The exhibition spaces, the offices and the work and study spaces are integrated with the natural environment, the neighborhood and the city. While the compositional solutions are quite diverse – high glass fences, green walls, adjustable brise-soleils, projecting volumes, suspended structures, curtain walls – together they define a coherent yet visually exciting whole in terms of architecture and landscape. The innovative museum makes use of the language of technology to express its poetic vision. The same design approach characterizes the furnishings of the volumes devoted to offices, aimed at ensuring compositional flexibility, high technical performance, comfort and environmental quality.

Prodotti di serie:
Progetto 25 Pareti vetrate a tutta altezza.
Less Tavoli scrivania, cassettiere e librerie chiuse.
Neutra Armadi per archiviazione.
Naòs System Postazioni direzionali.
Mood Tavoli riunione.

Postazioni di lavoro: 220.
Uffici direzionali: 20.
Pareti vetrate: 2.000 mq.
Porte a battente in vetro trasparente: 20.