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Morningstar Inc. Chicago




Chicago, USA


David Gresham, Archideas, Morningstar

interior design

Perkins + Will


Naòs System - Flipper - Moodway - Neutra

The tower that hosts Morningstar’s main headquarters in Chicago makes use of formal solutions that are well-suited to the spirit of the group, a global leader in the field of financial information. Simplicity, formal rigor, transparency and clarity, the distinguishing concepts of the company, also guided the design and realization of the interiors. Aimed at reducing company hierarchies to a minimum, the work environments, meeting rooms, common areas, congregation and lounge spaces are open, flexible and comfortable, with no rigid structures or barriers. The closed offices are enclosed by glazed partitions, while the task areas have open-space layouts. An entire floor is reserved for client relations and includes various spaces for meetings, training courses, seminars.

Series products:
Progetto 25 and Sincro Full-height partition wall system with synchronized sliding doors.
Naòs System Conference tables.
Flipper Conference tables. MoodWay Conference tables;
Neutra Containers and wall cabinets.

Custom works: personalized workstations, special furnishings for conversation area and cafeteria.

Grouped open-space workstations: 1,400.
Closed offices.
Conference rooms.
Training and seminar rooms.
Filing areas. Collective spaces.
Lounge and conversation areas.