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Milbank's new offices in London

The international law firm Milbank relocates its London office to 100 Liverpool Street.
The new space, comprising 70,000 square feet, follows a move to its current New York office in Hudson Yards, whose interiors, like those of the London office, were designed by LSM and fitted, with furniture and glazed walls, by UniFor.
LSM is a global architectural design firm known for visionary work environments. It is with this visionary perspective that the law firm's new offices were conceived. The state-of-the-art design of 100 Liverpool Street reflects Milbank's commitment to intelligent design and sustainability. The same commitment to sustainability and design has been applied to interior design. The essentiality, sophistication and rationality that characterised the New York office have been confirmed as a hallmark, with extensive use of mirrors, steel and glass.

The colour white and light are the protagonists inside the Private Offices. These are also characterised by cutting-edge workwalls: desks in which storage spaces are elegantly incorporated, for a total of 37 Private Offices for partners and 94, with a double configuration and therefore with two desks, for associates.

UniFor's contribution on the interior design project

UniFor's partition walls, all made of 1,232 square metres of RP single-glazing and 141.2 square metres of RP double-glazing, elegantly and unobtrusively divide the offices from the common areas, guaranteeing excellent acoustic qualities as well as the passage of natural light. The walls do not always follow straight lines but harmoniously support the layout of the spaces by curving them. The open-plan workstations, all adjustable in height, and the design enhanced by the design-edged partition elements, guarantee excellent soundproofing as well as the passage of natural light. The walls do not always follow straight lines but harmoniously follow the layout of the spaces, curving.

The open-plan workstations, all height-adjustable, are distinguished by their elegant and sophisticated design. All equipped with panels to ensure privacy but without sacrificing space, they are arranged in groups of 3, 2 and 4 seats, angular or not.
UniFor supplied 24 meeting rooms with custom-made tables, all different in shapes, sizes and finishes, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Iconic custom-designed credenzas in polished aluminium and glass completed the sophisticated feel of the rooms.
Milbank's new offices in London are modern, collaborative and technologically advanced. They reflect the company's cross-sector and international culture and work and respond effectively to the new needs of contemporary work; needs that UniFor has been seeking to understand and meet with continuous research and commitment since 1969.