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K&L Gates, London




London, UK


Jean Nouvel

interior design



RP - Naòs System - Moodway

The London offices of the important global law firm K&L Gates occupy two floors of the One New Change building, located in the heart of the City of London. The first three floors are devoted to shops and restaurants and the remaining four floors to offices. At street level, this multipurpose complex is crossed by two galleries at right angles, putting it in close contact with the surrounding neighborhood. At rooftop level there is a large terrace, conceived as a sort of urban square in the sky. The interiors of K&L Gates define a clean, refined and functional environment whose image is decidedly distant from the stereotypes of the conventional law firm. The lawyers' offices, enclosed by glass walls, are distributed along the facades, while the open-space workstations, together with the filing and common areas, are arranged in the center of the building.

Series products:
Parete RP Modular floor-to-ceiling partition wall system.
Easy Open-space workstations.
Naòs System Conference tables.
MoodWay Conference tables.

Custom works: personalized professional workstations, conference rooms and special tables.

Open-space workstations: 75.
Closed offices: 110.
Conference rooms: 15.
Wall storage cabinets: 350.
Cafeteria: Kitchens with lacquered finish (Dada).
Glazed partition walls: 1,650 sq m.
Sliding doors: 130.
Swing doors: 20