Naòs System

Studio Cerri & Associati

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Featuring monolithic structures in anodised aluminium with triangular and rectangular cross sections and either a shiny, natural or painted finish, the Naòs System modular tables are available in a range of sizes and in rectangular or square versions.
Doors which open out 180°, located in the middle or at the sides, enable easy access to the compartment underneath the table, designed for the storage of the electrics, while the wiring can be directed upwards using special parts or by incorporating an electrified table leg. An exercise in attention to detail, the modular Naòs System tables can be positioned side by side to create expansive surfaces, perfect for the face-to-face work, brainstorming and group activities that are typical of the modern office.


  • Worktop
  • Accessories - Monitor support arm
V4 White glass

N4 Black back-painted glass

HR Platinum Grey glass

HA Ardesia glass

UF Black Linoleum

U8 Pebble Linoleum

W3 White avonite

PX Frosted Silver painting

BA Polished aluminium


"I believe that a meaningful project must reveal a high degree of functional complexity that prevails over structural complications."

Studio Cerri & Associati


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