Element 02


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Element 02 has been designed to optimise the activities of transit staff, informal meetings, small work groups and operational meetings. The large, circular worktop is available in a range of different finishes and can be equipped with a wired tower to facilitate access to power and data connections.
The central structure makes it possible to alter the height of the worktop, thus enabling different ways of working, with both seated and standing configurations available.


  • Worktop
  • Structure
RV Oak

Canaletto walnut straight-grained

Standard natural veneer  Certified genuine wood from Europe-Canadia-USA

Acid etched extra-clear glass and back-painted white

Acid etched extra-clear glass and back-painted black

Charcoal dark grey painting

C7 Calce white

Epoxy powder coating


"We believe that the quality of our surroundings has a direct influence on the quality of our lives."



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