Aldo Rossi

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Together with Consiglio, Museo and the Parigi armchair, Cartesio represents Aldo Rossi’s idea of the perfect office. Though created at different times and in different circumstances, these pieces are emblematic of the architect’s approach to architecture and furniture, both of which are products of the same design process and style.

Designed for the Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht, the Cartesio bookcase is made up of cubic boxes in painted sheet metal, which can be grouped together at will. A brace is included to give the structure stability, while the frontage is covered with windows, creating a sort of curtain wall made from a single panel of plywood. Available made to measure in a range of finishes, which provide the perfect accompaniment to Cina red and Madonnina blue, those vibrant colours so beloved of the Milanese architect, Cartesio allows you to create works of fully fledged interior architecture.


It might seem snobbish, but the more I travel the globe, the more I feel like a citizen of the world, and the more I regain a sense of the timelessness of things.

Aldo Rossi


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