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Events | 02.02.2014

CASABELLA Laboratorio

Inaugurated in Milan in 2010, Casabella Laoratorio is a space for exhibitions, conferences, encounters and debates, promoted and organized by Casabella, the prestigious international magazine of architecture.

Events | 14.10.2013

Álvaro Siza. Disegni e maquettes

On occasion of the Honorary Degree in Architecture conferred by the Politecnico di Milano on the architect Álvaro Siza Vieira, an exhibition was held with projects by the Portuguese master.

Events | 11.10.2013


Presented at the HOST 2013 exhibition in the Furnishings macro-area, EXIHS - Excellent Italian Hospitality Services is a new concept devoted to the hotel and restaurant industry that investigates the theme of the "non-place".

Events | 08.04.2013

Design. La sindrome dell'influenza

The exhibition "La sindrome dell'influenza" investigated a typical characteristic of Italian design: a capacity for assimilation, combined with a curious approach to the world and a desire to experiment with other languages and cultures in order to launch new projects.

Events | 01.11.2011

La bellezza nella Parola. Il nuovo Evangeliario Ambrosiano e capolavori antichi

“Cardinal Tettamanzi's decision to entrust the realization of the Ambrosian Book of Gospels to contemporary artists is a further demonstration of his indomitable passion for dialogue with the men and women of our time.”

Events | 21.09.2011

Superurbano. Rigenerazione Urbana Sostenibile

The “Barbara Cappochin” International Architecture Biennial centers mainly on two events: The International Prize, and the Exhibition at Palazzo della Ragione. The fifth edition was titled “Superurbano, Rigenerazione Urbana Sostenibile” (SuperUrban, Sustainable Urban Regeneration).

Events | 20.09.2009

Zaha Hadid. Mostra personale

Zaha Hadid was the guest of honor at the fourth edition of the “Barbara Cappochin” International Architecture Biennial.

Events | 20.09.2009

Gabriele Basilico. Milano, ritratti di fabbriche 1978-1980 Mosca verticale 2007-2008

An exhibition of two works by the photographer Gabriele Basilico. "Milano ritratti di Fabbriche 1978-1980" is an extensive series of images of the outskirts of Milan, presenting a visual recomposition of a relatively unknown and little considered landscape.