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“Classical imagined, precisely beautiful.” 

UniFor presented Andromeda, a collection by LSM at Milano Design Week 2024:
a testament to modern sophistication, versatile reflections, and a commitment to timeless style. 


Installation by Studio Klass 
Creative Direction: Studio Klass 
Photography: Alberto Strada 

Discover the collection: 
UniFor, Viale Pasubio 15 - Milano.


UniFor introduced the innovative blend of contemporary design and timeless elegance of the ANDROMEDA Collection by LSM by immersing the visitors in a multisensorial installation conceived by Studio Klass, UniFor’s Art Directors.

Studio Klass blended classical exhibition techniques with innovative compositional solutions aimed at bringing to life the Andromeda theatre – the captivating photographic backdrop chosen for the collection.

The installation invited the public to explore the intimate connection between LSM’s furniture collection and the Andromeda Theatre, transporting the visitors on an emotional journey between Earth and Sky.

The installation by Studio Klass extended to the outdoor space, featuring an impressive circular platform that replicated the geometry of the full-size Andromeda Theater stage.

Here, the entire collection was showcased to the public, elegantly presented as it turned towards the sky.
The circular platform highlighted the collection's refined materials: polished aluminum, glass, travertine, and leather, creating unexpected reflections in the day and night lights.

Andromeda Collection invites to experience the innovative blend of contemporary design, timeless elegance, engineering excellence, and unparalleled comfort. 

UniFor presents Andromeda, a new furniture collection by LSM Studio, the renowned global architecture and design firm founded by Debra Lehman Smith and James Mc Leish. Known for their transformative work in business, branding, and architecture, LSM's collaborative approach manifests in this collection, which represents a culmination of a 33-year partnership with UniFor and the invaluable support of visionary clients. 


Designed to seamlessly integrate into diverse environments, Andromeda exudes modern elegance and versatility. Each piece, from sofas to credenzas and tables, embodies the studio's commitment to innovation.

The clean lines of the collection contribute to the creation of professional environments characterized by innovation and prestige. In private homes, the collection serves as a distinctive element, adding to the space a sense of uniqueness. 


With a polished or black chrome aluminum structure, the credenzas are an iconic statement of the Andromeda Collection. The monolithic-shaped elements feature central hinged doors and open sections with shelves on the sides. Supporting the storage unit are legs in extruded aluminum, with a rhombus cross-section.

The credenzas, available in different aluminum finishes, feature tops made of extra-clear glass, back-painted white or bronzed, open-pore tinted Italian walnut wood, travertine, or concrete-effect slabs in various colors, with corresponding door options.


The generous sizes and striking scenic presence of the Andromeda tables make them the focal point of any room.
Available in polished or black chrome aluminum, these tables are complemented by tops offered in a variety of materials, including extra-clear glass, back-painted white or bronzed glass, open-pore tinted Italian walnut wood, and travertine.


The modular sofas from the Andromeda collection, available in both linear and curved designs, feature a polished or black chrome extruded aluminum structure. The shell and seats are upholstered in leather, offered in two different shades: dove grey, sand, and rope. With versatile configurations, these sofas enable the creation of extended compositions through the combination of multiple modules.


The elliptical and round coffee tables in the Andromeda collection boast a mirror-polished or black chrome metal structure. The base consists of two or three metal slabs, intersecting in a cruciform or star shape to provide robust support for the tables.

The tops come in a variety of finishes, including extra-clear glass with a white back-painted finish, open-pore tinted Italian walnut wood, travertine, concrete-effect slabs in dove grey and terracotta colours, as well as dove grey or beige leather.


Perched at nearly 1,000m altitude, Teatro Andromeda stands as one of the world's highest open-air theaters. Its unassuming façade, resembling a typical dry stone sheepfold, belies the hidden marvel within.

Crafted meticulously among natural stones, it unveils a circular stage flanked by geometric stone stools upon entry. Lorenzo Reina, a shepherd turned artist, envisioned this fusion of nature and artistry amidst his family's pastoral lands near Palermo.

Named after the Andromeda galaxy, this celestial-inspired theater pays homage to the ancient myth of Andromeda, bound to a rock before her rescue by Perseus. Bridging earthly materials with celestial motifs, its 108 stone seats mirror the constellation's points, forming mesmerizing eight-pointed stars from above. At its heart lies a celestial disc, cradled within an arch, marking the boundary between earthly and celestial realms.

Prior to its debut in Milan, Studio Klass, UniFor Art Direction, chose to showcase the collection at Sicily’s Teatro Andromeda, creating ethereal images that frame the series and elevate its simplicity. Built by artist and shepherd Lorenzo Reina, the open-air theater boasts panoramic views of the Agrigento Valley and exudes an air of sacredness. 

 “[…] The Andromeda collection immediately merged and integrated with the theatre, capturing the very essence of the space, and making it its own. Together with Alberto Strada, we tried to bring back into photography the feeling of freedom that the place gave us, recounting the moment of the shot in the most authentic and genuine way possible.”

Marco Maturo, Studio Klass Co-Founder


The essence of Andromeda is pure and rigorous, permeating the entire editorial project, allowing ample space for photographs to enhance the collection and UniFor's distinctive values.

"This visually striking work diverges from the traditional commercial catalogue to embrace a more artistic direction, evoking an essential aesthetic that mirrors the ethereal purity of the collection." - Studio Klass, UniFor Art Directors

The cover, non-iconic and enigmatic, serves as a metaphor for the setting: a terracotta table (the Theater) embracing a gleaming aluminum slab (the collection). Every detail is printed without ink, emphasizing the meticulous craftsmanship that distinguishes the collection pieces. The binding creates a small step along the spine, reminiscent of the amphitheater's staircase, forging a deeper connection between the collection and its exhibition context.

"Upon opening the catalog, the pages transform into abstractions of silvery reflections, offering a luminous backdrop for the collection pieces, timeless icons immersed in the spirituality of space. This precise intervention on materials, lights, and volumes draws a parallel between the graphic aesthetics of the catalogue and that of the collection, highlighting their harmonious fusion."

- Nicola Matteo Munari, UniFor Graphic Designer


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