Dante Bonuccelli



Designed for large, open-space office configurations, Pyramid is an integrated cable management system that solves the problem of power and network access in a practical and rational manner, including connection points for electronic devices directly over worktop.

This elegant electrified structure also serves as a divider and organizing element between workstations. A wide range of hanging accessories can be added to optimize the work area in terms of efficient use of space, comfort, and ergonomics. 
Pyramid is a patented system made entirely of materials with low environmental impact. Most of the components are in aluminum, of which 73% recycled. 
The distinctive triangular section of the tall divider screen is designed to improve its acoustic performance by absorbing sound waves on first impact, resulting in a quieter and more pleasant work environment. 
Conceived as an independent modular element available in three heights and various functional versions, Pyramid is designed to integrate perfectly with a wide range of UniFor furnishing systems, providing important advantages in terms of versatility, flexible installation, simple reconfiguration, and personalization.


"The ideal design is the result of a new concept. It is functional, attentive to detail, becomes timeless and has harmonious forms."

Dante Bonuccelli