Architecture Biennale Venice 2018

26 maggio 2018

Venice 26.05 - 25.11

16. International Architecture Exhibition

Curators of the Architecture Exhibition
Yvonne Farrell Shelley Mcnamara

The Venice Architecture Biennale is one of the most important design events of the year. The theme for this year's edition is Freespace, a title that celebrates the ability of this discipline to enrich people's lives through the designed space, free from political or social conditioning. The curators of this edition – Yvonne Farrell and Shelley McNamara of the firm Grafton Architects, based in Dublin – have selected works and proposals from all over the world that are capable of bringing out this truly unique power of architecture. The selected projects are based on plays with natural elements available to everyone, such as light, wind and gravity. Together with the president of the Venice Biennale, Paolo Baratta, the curators will also choose the best pavilion among the national and international projects in competition, assigning the winner the coveted Golden Lion.
UniFor is a donor of the 2018 edition

Courtesy Fondazione La Biennale di Venezia

New York inaugurates Molteni Group's latest Flagship Store

17 maggio 2018

Opening Time

May 18, 2018
Madison Avenue, 160
10016, New York NY, USA

The Molteni Group is opening a new window on the world in the heart of Manhattan, at 160 Madison Avenue. The spirit of a unique, evolutionary project, in line with modernity and true to its own stylistic principles, designed by Vincent Van Duysen. This will be one of the first and only Flagship Stores in the world to combine the Group’s three brands: Molteni&C, Dada, and UniFor.

The space encloses the very latest offering of the Group’s three brands: Molteni&C, Dada and UniFor and symbolizes a life marked by Italian flair, ranging from the intimacy of a private home right through to the contemporary settings of the office world. 

The concept defining this space – measuring over 12,500 square feet with four shop windows – is played out over two levels linked by a unique staircase. The architectural design is faithful to the original features of the building, has kept its volumes and preserved the perception of the lofty ceilings. The separating walls subdivide generous volumes, interspersed by tall travertino marble-clad portals.

David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018

07 maggio 2018

Basilica Palladiana



12 May - 2 September 2018



After 12 years, distinguished contemporary architecture returns to Vicenza with an exhibition at the Basilica Palladiana devoted to David Chipperfield Architects.
Organized by the City of Vicenza and Abacoarchitettura, the exhibition will be installed to a project by Chipperfield himself within the Basilica, which has been restored to its previous splendor following extensive restoration work.
“David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018” will present a selection of 15 of his recent projects in various stages of development, illustrating a series of activities that take place in a modern architectural firm.

In an era dominated by images, the identity of David Chipperfield Architects can be difficult to define because it is deeply rooted in an approach that privileges the design process and teamwork, rather than a particular style. Revealing the logic behind the design process and the resulting creation of architecture thus becomes essential for understanding the values that link the firm's body of works on an international level.
The presentation of each project is handled by the respective design teams in London, Berlin, Milan and Shanghai. Together they reveal a willingness to take on complex cultural, professional and intellectual challenges.
Alongside the presentation of the 15 projects is an introductory survey of the main buildings completed since the launching of the firm in 1985 through today, thereby offering additional context with which to view the works on display.

UniFor is supporting this cultural project in the role of technical sponsor of the display setup.