Michele De Lucchi, l'anello mancante, a missing link

Sala Gian Ferrari, Museo MAXXI, Rome
Edited byMargherita Guccione e Pippo Ciorra

07th December 2018 - 03rd March 2019

“A missing link is the element that connects distant parts of a broken, open chain. We need them often these days. More and more links are needed to connect the multiple ramifications of social, political, economic, cultural and even moral relationships. But we also need links that can physically connect, in real life, the ideas of fullness and emptiness, of closed space and open space, of container and content.” The above is how Michele De Lucchi introduced the design theme of his site-specific installation for this edition.

Engineered and fabricated entirely by UniFor, L’Anello mancante is an installation consisting of a metal construction covered with a shell of rectangular shingles in HI-MACS® solid surface material.

David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018

Basilica Palladiana. Vicenza

12 May
2 September 2018


After 12 years, distinguished contemporary architecture returns to Vicenza with an exhibition at the Basilica Palladiana devoted to David Chipperfield Architects.
Organized by the City of Vicenza and Abacoarchitettura, the exhibition will be installed to a project by Chipperfield himself within the Basilica, which has been restored to its previous splendor following extensive restoration work.
“David Chipperfield Architects Works 2018” will present a selection of 15 of his recent projects in various stages of development, illustrating a series of activities that take place in a modern architectural firm. In an era dominated by images, the identity of David Chipperfield Architects can be difficult to define because it is deeply rooted in an approach that privileges the design process and teamwork, rather than a particular style. Revealing the logic behind the design process and the resulting creation of architecture thus becomes essential for understanding the values that link the firm's body of works on an international level.
The presentation of each project is handled by the respective design teams in London, Berlin, Milan and Shanghai. Together they reveal a willingness to take on complex cultural, professional and intellectual challenges.
Alongside the presentation of the 15 projects is an introductory survey of the main buildings completed since the launching of the firm in 1985 through today, thereby offering additional context with which to view the works on display.

UniFor is supporting this cultural project in the role of technical sponsor of the display setup.

Amata Bellezza. Flowers and Visions. Mario Carrieri

Triennale di Milano

from 19 October
to  19 November 2017

A key, very reserved figure in the world of Italian photography, Mario Carrieri gathers the results of years of work in the cycle of images in this exhibition.
In his solitary photographic research on “Flowers and Visions,” in what might be erroneously described as “still lifes,” he sets out to interpret the tragic character of human existence, presenting on his own imaginary visual stage a “Whole” that is dramatically visionary and pantheistic, almost theatrical, as if suspended on the thread of a light so remote as to seem to be frozen outside of time. In his photographs, the actors in this drama are in fact simply flowers and their infinite, perishable beauty.
Flowers and beauty that flow in the delirious river of a universal nothingness, shattered by their own suffering. The exhibition includes very large works shown in public for the first time, in a big space of the Milan Triennale, offering viewers a key of interpretation of extreme technical prowess and intensity.

UniFor supports the cultural project in the role of the technical sponsor.