Le vie del Compasso d'Oro. Milan 2016

18 aprile 2016

ADI Lombardia
Milan 2016
02.04 -12.09

The infinite faces of design have been collected in a series of systematic itineraries through the city of Milan and surrounding territory, stimulating the discovery of the projects that have won the Golden Compass prize over the course of 60 years, and which still today continue to improve our lives and arouse a sense of wonder. The prestigious prize was launched in 1954 by the department store La Rinascente. Just a few years later it would become the heritage of ADI, and over time it has continued to enrich a collection that has been declared “of great artistic and historical interest.”

On the occasion of the XXI International Triennale Exhibition in Milan, the Lombardy delegation of ADI has organized the itineraries starting from the Triennale and touching on the city’s most interesting points of interest in terms of design: studios, production plants, shops, galleries, museums, foundations, public spaces and informal meeting areas, all places to experience and perhaps purchase good design.

Sharing the common thread of the famous prize and interpretable on various levels, the itineraries of Le vie del Compasso d’Oro provide an excellent chance for an inclusive, heterogeneous, inside look at the design world. This continuously expanding project is made possible by the participation of a large number of winners of the Golden Compass prize.